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SpringOne2GX 2014 Replay: Philosophical Architecture in Grails

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SpringOne2GX 2014 Replay: Philosophical Architecture in Grails

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In the complimentary O’Reilly eBook, Migrating to Cloud-Native Application Architectures, Pivotal’s Matt Stine examines the cultural, organizational, and technical changes necessary to migrate traditional monolithic applications and service-oriented architectures to cloud-native architectures.

Recorded at SpringOne2GX 2014.

Speaker: David Dawson, Simplicity Itself

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Slides: http://www.slideshare.net/SpringCentral/s2gx-philosophicalarchitecture

Software development is hard. Life is hard. We try to keep up with a changing world, and it's hard. Where though, does the problem lie? In this talk, David, CEO at Simplicity Itself, will describe a different way of approaching the problem of software development, a different way of trying to keep up with a changing world. This is not a soft talk, all opinions are backed up by cold hard code in a running Grails application, showing how a change in the way you think can radically change your software.

In this complimentary eBook, you will find a migration cookbook, with recipes for decomposing monolithic applications into microservices, implementing fault-tolerant patterns, and performing automated testing of cloud-native services.


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