Spring's Legacy Forum Is Going Away — Here's What It Means to You

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Spring's Legacy Forum Is Going Away — Here's What It Means to You

Pivotal has plans to remove Spring's legacy forum at the end of this month — here's everything you need to know.

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Way back in 2014, Pivotal announced its intention completely retire its legacy forums, i.e. forum.spring.io. Since then, Pivotal has removed the ability to create new posts on the forum.

According to this announcement, Pivotal plans on taking the entire forum offline as of February 29, 2019.

Spring has also indicated that while the posts made on the forum are going away, any issues in Spring`s issue tracker that point to posts on the legacy forum have been updated to include the actual content from those links inside the relevant issue tickets.

So while it seems like that non-issue related posts are going away for good, at least the knowledge related to previous issues will be preserved.

As someone who extensively used the legacy forums (prior to the forum being considered "legacy"), I am a little disappointed to see the non-issue related posts going away as combing them as part of my own research and troubleshooting processes often proved fruitful.  Still, Spring's oft-restated commitment to improving the community experience on stackoverflow.com has also paid dividends. The depth of knowledge represented on SO often includes knowledge that was previously located on the legacy forums, so perhaps not all is lost.

Of course, services like archive.org should help provide a way to dive back into older Spring knowledge for years to come.

So fear not! Change may be scary, but this change has come with a good tradeoff.

What do you think? Do you share this view? Or should the folks at Pivotal have done more to preserve this knowledge?  Let us know in the comments!

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