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SpringSource Goes RabbitMQ Hunting

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SpringSource Goes RabbitMQ Hunting

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VMware division SpringSource announced the acquisition of Rabbit Technologies today.  The open source messaging server, RabbitMQ, will be Rabbit Technologies' key contribution to Spring's technology lineup.  As VMware moves SpringSource towards the cloud development model, RabbitMQ will be a key component since it can be easily deployed on the Amazon cloud.  Enterprise Spring and Grails developers can expect a first class integration with RabbitMQ.

RabbitMQ is based on the AMQP open standard and it provides a foundation for many cloud messaging systems.  It's compact, lightweight architecture makes it ideal for cloud computing, the authors say.  In today's cloud environment, developers are building new scalable, distributed, and loosely coupled applications.  These applications require faster messaging than databases can provide between each application and among components of a single application.

SpringSource and VMware believe that RabbitMQ is just the kind of scalable, portable messaging system that they want for their cloud technology suite and infrastructure.  Rod Johnson, the general manager of the SpringSource division of VMware said, “While messaging has always been a key infrastructure element used in the creation of enterprise applications, cloud applications require a fundamentally different messaging infrastructure.  By adding RabbitMQ to our suite, SpringSource can extend its emerging application platform with another element of technology that is critical to modern virtual and cloud deployment models.”  

SpringSource will have to prepare RabbitMQ for some stiff competition with JBoss' HornetQ and Apache ActiveMQ - two very speedy messaging systems.  RabbitMQ may have the advantage in the cloud though.  Cloud providers like Heroku are currently using RabbitMQ as their message broker.  

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.  SpringSource says it will honor all service contracts with Rabbit Technologies until they can be transitioned to SpringSource contracts.  SpringSource's commercial services will still support companies that use Apache ActiveMQ

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