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SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 Downloadable Update List

The updates for SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 are now referred to a CU (Cumulative Update), which is what the hotfixes also were previously. The difference now is that the CU installation overwrites the existing installation, and a remove of the RTM bits is no longer required before installing the CU.

The table below gives an overview of the current CUs. All CUs apply to SQL Compact 3.5 SP2, version 3.5.8080.0.

BuildKB TitlePlatforms
8081982565FIX: "An SqlCeParameter with ParameterName '<Parameter Name>' is not contained by this SqlCeParameterCollection" error message when you use the .NET Compact Framework Data Provider for SQL Server Compact to access SQL Server Compact 3.5x86, x64

FIX: A Deadlock occurs when two transactions try to perform a DML operation on a table that contains a TABLOCK locking hint or an XLOCK locking hint

x86, x64
80822300599FIX: Heap corruption occurs when you use SQL Server Compact 3.5 Service Pack 2x86, x64

FIX: Some "Image" column content does not open in SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 after the "SqlCeEngine.Compact" or "SqlCeEngine.Repair" method is called

x86, x64

FIX:"A call to SQL Server Reconciler failed" error message occurs when you try to add or reinitialize a subscriber of SQL Server Compact 3.5 for a merge publication

Server Tools only,
x86, x64

FIX: Incorrect result when you run a query that contains a conjunction and a disjunction in SQL Server Compact 3.5

x86, x64
80872585082FIX: "A specified value violated the integrity constraints for a column or table" error if the merge publication contains many articles and constraints in SQL Server Compact 3.5x86, x64
80882527494A hotfix is available for SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 that adds support for replication with SQL Server "Denali"x86, x64, Server Tools, WinCE 5,6,7 (?)
80892665342Incorrect sort order for a subscriber in SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP2 which synchronizes with a publisher in SQL Server Server Tools only,
x86, x64

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