SQL vs NoSQL: That Is the Query

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SQL vs NoSQL: That Is the Query

A compendium of DZone's best articles on the subject of SQL vs. NoSQL over the past decade, how the argument has evolved, and who's winning the argument.

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SQL vs NoSQL: Time for Some Introspection

Does the SQL vs NoSQL Question Wrench Your Soul?

In this post, we look at the long and storied history of the SQL vs NoSQL debate. The articles included stretch way back to the ancient days of the early 2010s and go through 2019 — each exploring a different aspect of the SQL vs NoSQL quandry. 

After all these years duking it out, is either solution winning the battle for developers' hearts and minds? 

SQL vs NoSQL: The Early Times

Explore the Ancient Days of SQL vs NoSQL - All the Way Back to 2011

SQL vs NoSQL: 2017

The SQL vs NoSQL Chess Match
  • A Comparison of SQL and NoSQL to Simplify Your Database Decision by Laura Czajkowski. Learn what SQL is, what NoSQL is, the key differences that highlight the SQL vs NoSQL conflict, and whether you should be using SQL or NoSQL when implementing your ETL processes.

  • SQL or NoSQL, That Is the Question! by Alon Brody. No one path, SQL vs NoSQL, is right for all scenarios, so when it comes to ACID compliance, indexing, and scalability, choose both options to cover all uses.

  • MongoDB vs MySQL by Mihir Shah. Look at MongoDB vs MySQL in terms of schema flexibility, relationships, performance, speed, security, and more.

  • Why We Moved From NoSQL MongoDB to PostgreSQL by Avi Cavale. Learn why one dev team decidecd to make the switch from a NoSQL to a SQL database, and how it affected the project.

  • Database: 2017 Suprises and 2018 Predictions by Tom Smith. Given how fast technology is changing, we decided to ask IT executives to share their thoughts on the biggest surprises in 2017 and their predictions for 2018. How'd we do with these predictions?

SQL vs NoSQL: 2018

The SQL vs NoSQL Argument Is Getting Heated
  • NoSQL vs SQL: Differences Explained by John Hammink. This article looks at the differences between SQL vs NoSQL. Explore an overview of SQL/RDBMS, NoSQL, and types of NoSQL databases.

  • [DZone Research] SQL or NoSQL, That Is the Question by Jordan Baker. Apologies for accidentally stealing your title Mr. Brody. A discussion of data taken from the 2018 DZone Guide to Databases, focusing on the data related to who developers use SQL databases and NoSQL databases.

  • NoSQL vs Relational Databaes: When to Use What by Rajat Mehta. This article explores the key differences between NoSQL and relational databases, and delves into how NoSQL databases scale horizontally.

  • The Types of Modern Databases by John Hammink. Consider the pros and cons of SQL, RDBMS, relational databases, NoSQL, and non-relational databases.

  • Database 2018 Surprises and 2019 Predictions by Tom Smith. This in-depth article looks at database surprises from 2018 and predictions for 2019 from IT executives. How have these predictions faired?

  • MongoDB vs RDBMS by Kunal Sethi. This article includes a comparison between MongoDB and RDBMS, and one person gives his opinion and several examples of why MongoDB is superior to RDBMS.

  • Why Is Oracle and Microsoft SQL Adoption Low on AWS? by Kevin Goldberg. This article looks at why Oracle and Microsoft SQL adoption is low for developers on AWS, how public cloud growth impacts database market share, and the effect of the SQL vs NoSQL debate on the industry.

SQL vs NoSQL: 2019

Getting Tired of the SQL vs NoSQL Question?
NOPE! SQL vs NoSQL Will Never Die!
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