SQL vs. NoSQL: What's Your Database of Choice? [DZone Survey]

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SQL vs. NoSQL: What's Your Database of Choice? [DZone Survey]

Are you involved in database selection and/or management at your organization? If so, please share your valuable expertise in this five-minute survey.

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"SQL or NoSQL?" That is the question. Over the years, the great debate in the database space has revolved around when to use — and when not to use — relational and non-relational databases. Due to the rise of Big Data and increased storage of data in the cloud, we felt it was crucial that we reevaluate the space and where it's headed in the next six to 12 months.

Our upcoming report will explore SQL and NoSQL databases, challenges, and the industry's evolution as a direct result of the Big Data movement. For individuals who have an impact on database selection and management, your insights will be a key part of our research.

We're asking for a few minutes of your time to share your experience.
Let us know your thoughts on the future of database management!

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Over the coming weeks, we will compile and analyze data from hundreds of DZone members to help inform the Key Research Findings for our Trend Report, The Database Evolution: SQL vs. NoSQL in the Age of Big Data.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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