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 I have been involved with Stackato for a little over a year now. When I first used Stackato it was already a pleasant experience, it was simple to set up and had many complex, but easy-to-use, features. Over this period we have continued to improve the experience for our users by adding more innovative features like zero downtime application deployment, application autoscaling, application versioning and rollbacks. It is this continual innovation that makes using Stackato an enjoyable product to use, as evidenced by our customers. As the halfway point of the year approaches, I thought now would be a good time to review various Stackato related tidbits, by the numbers.

One Stackato VM is the Easiest Way to Get Started with Cloud Foundry and Docker

Stackato requires minimal resources, a single node can be run with as little as one lightly specced laptop. Setting up Stackato itself involves following a few well-documented steps and the whole process takes no longer than a few minutes to complete. With factors such as simplicity and lightweight requirements, Stackato is recognized as The Easiest Way to Get Started with Cloud Foundry and Docker.

Two Years Using Docker Containers in Stackato

As Docker becomes more and more popular the number of organizations trying to catch a seat on the Docker train also increases. In the meantime Stackato, the first enterprise-grade cloud application platform to incorporate Docker, has already been leveraging Docker's capabilities for almost two years. In other words, Stackato has incorporated Docker technology since its early stages of being open sourced in 2013. With the release of Stackato 3.6, Docker integration is no longer only under-the-hood, users are now able to feel the Docker experience by pushing their own Docker images.

Stackato and the Third Platform

This past April ActiveState launched its Stackato Vision, a look at our view of the changing landscape in the IT world. As necessity dictates, organizations are seeking ways to incorporate big data, cloud, mobile and social media (collectively known as the Third Platform) into their solutions. The vision outlines how Stackato is the tool for organizations to achieve this paradigm shift to become a Third Platform company.

Four Years as a Cloud Foundry Based PaaS

We have been using Cloud Foundry as the foundation of Stackato for the past four years.

Five open source PaaS options you should know

Stackato was named one of the Five open source PaaS options you should know by TechRepublic.

Six Cloud Luminary Fireside Chats (this year!)

In late 2014, the Cloud Luminary Fireside Chats series was launched. These chats feature Bernard Golden discussing relevant issues in cloud computing with other experts (courtesy of Stackato by ActiveState). and were designed as a way for everyone to hear the conversations that thought leaders have between the conference sessions. As of this post, there have already been six mind stimulating Fireside Chats this year and you can expect more to come.

Seven Benefits of Private PaaS

Looking to adopt a cloud solution? See the value a private PaaS solution like Stackato can bring to your cloud with these seven key benefits.

Stackato Offers Eight Built-in Services

Services like databases or messaging queues are often an essential part of an enjoyable application experience. To help deliver this experience Stackato provides eight built-in services. If this is not enough, custom service brokers can be written to suit your needs. As an alternative, utilize one of many existing service brokers such as the Apache Brooklyn Service Broker. The possibilities are endless.

Built-in services:

ActiveState is One of the Nine Cloud Foundry Foundation Board Members

As the leading independent Cloud Foundry and Docker-based PaaS provider, Stackato holds an important role in the Cloud Foundry ecosystem. Because of Stackato, ActiveState was elected (along with Swisscom) to represent gold level members as one of nine members on the Cloud Foundry Foundation board.

Ten Awesome Features

If you've followed Stackato's development you may remember the 10 Awesome Features of Stackato 3.2. Well, Stackato 3.2 has come and gone and with the current release of Stackato 3.6, the list of awesome features has continued to expand.

Some awesome new features you can expect to find in Stackato include:

Stackato Cluster up to 20GB Free RAM

To run your own instance of Stackato, visit this link now and remember to sign up for a free 20GB Stackato cluster license.

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