Stackify APM+ Launches, Contains Async Monitoring

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Stackify APM+ Launches, Contains Async Monitoring

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Stackify’s APM+ launched today, a momentous development in the performance and monitoring space. It’s an APM solution for .NET developers to monitor key metrics, and arrives with several unique features. 

Easy to install and use, it offers comprehensive monitoring.  There’s a minimal learning curve, which greatly benefits users. The lightweight yet robust Stackify solution contains Acync monitoring support, a rarity in the APM space. The .Net Framework 4.5. allows developers to run Asynchronous operations. Developers will undoubtedly appreciate this fantastic Stackify's Async monitoring inclusion. Stackify’s APM+ is comprehensive, economical, and simple to install and navigate: everything users want in their APM solution. The APM+ contains several unique features, notably additional in-line log info. This makes for simpler means of addressing issues, as log entries show various parameters, which lends users a clear frame of reference.

A recent press release explains:

Cloud-based APM+ is the first APM solution of its kind designed to run on production servers, allowing developers to capture and fix application performance problems immediately, instead of requiring them to spend time reproducing reported errors in order to solve them. Because of its economical pricing and low server resource utilization, APM+ provides an always-on capability, allowing developers to focus on efficiently troubleshooting bottlenecks rather than spending time identifying errors.

You can learn more about Stackify on their website

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