Stackify Launches New Podcast: Developer Things

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Stackify Launches New Podcast: Developer Things

If you're in the DevOps space you doubtlessly have come across Stackify's posts. Now you can tune in to Stackify's new podcast! Read on for the details.

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We are excited to announce our new podcast called Developer Things. Our goal is to produce high-quality weekly podcasts that cover a wide range of topics, including software development best practices, DevOps, site reliability, cloud computing, developer tools, Stackify news, and other random topics.

Who Should Listen to Developer Things?

If you’re a development manager, architect, developer, or tester, and whether in DevOps, QA, or CI/CD, we think you’ll find our podcast content valuable. Anyone who wants to stay up to date on software development trends and insights, this podcast is for you!

How to Listen?

You can listen to the Developer Things podcast on Apple iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and other platforms.

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Who Is the Host?

The Developer Things podcast is hosted by the Founder & CEO of Stackify, Matt Watson. He founded Stackify in 2012 and has been a software developer for over 15 years. Matt has published over 100 blog posts on the Stackify blog and is seen as a thought leader in the software development industry. His production vision continues to shape Stackify’s industry-leading application performance management solution for developers.

Before Stackify, Matt was also the Founder & CTO of VinSolutions. He grew that company for 8 years before selling it to AutoTrader.com for $147 million dollars in 2011. His experiences as CTO at VinSolutions led to founding Stackify to build a better toolset for developers.

The Developer Things podcast provides another way for Matt to share his unique insights on software development, entrepreneurship, startups, and a wide array of related topics for software developers. Matt is also the co-host of The Startup Hustle podcast.

Why Start a Podcast?

The popularity of podcasts continues to grow and grow. This article says 24% of Americans now listen to a podcast every month. Podcasts are a great way to engage with our community. Our goal as a company is to help them develop better software. Our podcast is just another way that we can share our knowledge and insights to help with that goal.

Stackify’s blog is read by 400,000+ people a month from every country in the world. The Stackify team is excited to share our wealth of knowledge via our podcast in addition to our popular blog.

How to Be a Guest

We will be inviting a wide array of people from the industry to be a guest on the show. If you are interested, please reach fill out this form and give us a good pitch as to why you should be on the show!

Be sure to subscribe to the Stackify Developer Things podcast via popular podcast players!

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