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StatCVS 0.4.0 released!


We are pleased to announce the StatCVS 0.4.0 release!


StatCVS retrieves information from a CVS repository and generates various tables and charts describing the project development, e.g. timeline for the lines of code, contribution of each developer etc. The current version of StatCVS generates a static suite of HTML documents containing tables and chart images. StatCVS is open source software, released under the terms of the LGPL. StatCVS uses JFreeChart and JTreeMap to generate charts.

Here are 2 small examples, from the basic Line of Codes to the fancy heatmap...


This release introduces a couple of new reports, including a heat map report using some visualization techniques to see your CVS repository... fancy that!


Using StatCVS is quite trivial:

cvs -d /cvsroot checkout modulename         

Create a CVS log file:

cvs log > logfile.log

Run StatCVS:

java -jar /path/to/statcvs.jar /path/to/module/logfile.log /path/to/module

This command creates the HTML reports in the current directory. A comprehensive manual is available online.

=============================================================================== Changes in this version include:

New Features:

  • Added TRAC Support. Thanks to Jean-Francois Burdet.
  • Added 2 new reports The RepoMap and LOCChurn reports have been promoted to StatCVS and hence, removed from the StatSVN source tree. The RepoMap uses JTreeMap a heatmap tool, not your usual repository view...
  • Added support for auto-html links in comments. o Added LOCChartMaker NullPointerException. Applied suggested workaround from Shamil Bikineyev.
  • Applied patch to StatCVS to add Revision number on commit page. Thanks to Martin Majlis.

Fixed bugs:

  • Applied patch to StatCVS to avoid divide by zero issue (patch returns NaN if attempted to divide by 0). Thanks to Jan Dockx.
  • Applied patch for [ 1757394 ] Do not lump C++ .C,.H files in "Others". Thanks to Richard Quirk.

=============================================================================== Issues, bugs, and feature requests for statcvs should be submitted to the following issue tracking system:


Have fun! -The StatCVS development team and http://www.appendium.com


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