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The State of Community Management 2014 is here!

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The State of Community Management 2014 is here!

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This week, The Community Roundtable released the fifth edition of our State of Community Management research - this year with objective measures of community management maturity, which enables us to compare and benchmark the performance of community management.

Some of our key findings were:

  • Community management maturity delivers business value - those community and social business initiatives that have more mature processes are far more likely to be able to measure value and are much more likely to have both approved strategies AND approved roadmaps to act on those strategies.
  • Advocacy programs - both in internal and external communities - are very effective at increasing engagement and suggest that the more control you are able to share for community success, the higher the rates of return will be.
  • Executive participation (not just support) has an impact on overall engagement and the maturity of community management practices.

For those experienced community managers, these findings should be consistent with what you have likely already experienced - and having data to prove it is a really valuable asset to start the conversation with stakeholders about what to invest in, not why to invest.

Additionally, we confirmed our findings from last year that average engagement rates in communities are far higher than the often cited 90-9-1 rule - important to understand as you set targets for yourself.

This was a truly community-based research effort with members from TheCR Network helping to shape the research, experts in the space helping us to tease out insights, our team and our sponsors (one of whom was Jive - thank you!) without whom we could not have done this research.

We hope you find it useful for validation, planning and roadmap development!


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