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Take the Survey: State of Software and DevOps Observability

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Take the Survey: State of Software and DevOps Observability

Scalyr is researching how organizations develop and deploy software, the issues they face, and the types of tools they use.

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"Observability" isn't just a buzzword. It's more nuanced than "just another word for monitoring." Two years ago, Twitter published a two part blog post on the architecture of different parts of its observability stack. The first post starts with a concise definition of the term:

These are the four pillars of the Observability Engineering team’s charter:
            Distributed systems tracing infrastructure
            Log aggregation/analytics

Scalyr, which has a product for log aggregation, system metrics, and server monitoring, is looking to understand the current state of observability. Every organization is different, and the tools and processes that make sense in one company's structure may be completely wrong for another company. With this survey, Scalyr is researching the various components of different organizations' observability stacks, how they are chosen and used, and what common issues they encounter. 

When you take the survey, you'll also get a chance to enter your email address to receive a copy of the survey results. It's an opportunity to reflect on the state of your own observability stack — and, if you choose, to learn how other DevOps teams work.

It takes about three or four minutes to complete.

You can take the survey here!

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