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Statistic for Data Science

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Statistic for Data Science

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Become an expert data scientist with Statistic for Data Science Course and start using data for ecommerce Growth Engineering. Learn using Statistics for Data Science & Analytics from Lillian Pierson - the most decorated data scientist. To get a solid foundation in statistics theory and practice for data analytics

The work of data engineers can be characterized by the following: Programming Java C++ Python SQL Expertise Computer Science Software Engineering Data Architecture Technologies Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Real-time process frameworks Hadoop / Map Reduce NoSQL databases Learn more about big data and data science

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Data-Mania is now offering a new Tip of the Day series. For data analysts and practicing data scientists, this series promises to give you a daily dose of new data science tidbits -- hopefully you'll find stuff you can pick up quickly and use to make your work life easier. Topics will include statistics for data science know more please visit us data-mania.com

12 Best Practices for Modern Data Ingestion. Download White Paper.

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