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Strange Loop and NCDevCon

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Strange Loop and NCDevCon

A conference speaker talks about his experiences at the recent Strange Loop and NCDevCon conferences. Includes video of a presentation on Aurelia.

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Recently I had the pleasure to speak at Strange Loop and NCDevCon.

Strange Loop

At the Strange Loop I presented Aurelia – the next generation JavaScript Framework:

Strange Loop is an intersection of everything: from researchers, through programmers maintaining 20 year-old systems that still work, web developers using the latest frameworks (like React), web developers using mature (AKA ‘old’) frameworks (like Spring), DevOps deploying with Docker, large scale distributed systems architects, to Common Lisp fans. The most important thing is – most of the people at this conference are real passionate programmers. I really recommend you check out Sam Aaron’s session: Beating Threads – live coding with real time. Sam is a researcher who created a programming environment that allows you to compose music by writing code. It's something that can be used today, and he presented it with such passion.

All videos from Strange Loop are available on their YouTube channel.

If you think that everyone today is creating web apps and mobile apps – go to Strange Loop! You will see a different world.

The Strange Loop 2015


I was at NCDevCon only for the second day, because of the overlap with Strange Loop, and I presented how TypeScript helps to build large scale applications. Unfortunately, there is no video from my session, because just before my talk there was a power outage. I, and other speakers (if they still had battery) had to present from laptops while people were looking from behind our shoulders.

NCDevCon 2015

I gave a similar talk earlier this year at .NET Developers meetup in Redmond. You can find video and slides in this blog post.

At NCDevCon I saw only 3 sessions, because an hour after my session, in addition to the power outage, the fire alarm started beeping, and the rest of the conference was cancelled. Videos from Day 1, and maybe some from Day 2 (if speakers recorded them at home) will be available at NCDevCon.com.

This conference was more down to earth for me, as everybody was talking about web and mobile. You can find a more detailed overview in this blog post.

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