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Streaming Options In The AWS Serverless Application Repository

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Streaming Options In The AWS Serverless Application Repository

Check out some of the applications that this author found when he took a deep dive into Amazon's AWS Application Repository.

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We are learning more about the AWS Serverless Application Repository, trying to understand what types of functions people are publishing there, and how it might fit into the bigger event-driven architectural picture. The repository is a place to discover, deploy, and publish serverless applications. We want to understand how it all fits into the bigger picture, and make sure we track things as it continues to evolve.

To try and understand how the AWS Serverless Application Repository fits into the event-driven picture we wanted to search and see what types of streaming applications were being developed—here is what we've come across so far.

The list provides an interesting snapshot of what is emerging on within the repository, and across the serverless landscape when it comes to streaming. While the majority of it has an AWS service focus, you do see other products emerging like Log4J, and Splunk. Plus the AWS-focused solutions begin to paint a picture of what types of streaming approaches developers are interested in, and what AWS systems are being used to publish and generate streams.

We've set up a script to help us monitor any new streaming serverless functions. We'll also be profiling other serverless scripts in future stories, trying to paint a picture of what serverless means to the event-driven evolution going on across the API sector. The serverless movement is just getting going, but with it already being baked into the AWS, Google, and Azure clouds, it is something that will undoubtedly continue to make a mark on how we deliver API infrastructure. The question is, what does it mean for streaming, event-driven, and other real-time aspects of doing business with APIs?

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