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Struggling to choose an enterprise cloud collaboration vendor? Get the guide

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Struggling to choose an enterprise cloud collaboration vendor? Get the guide

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This is an extract from the whitepaper A guide to selecting your perfect enterprise cloud collaboration vendor. Download the full whitepaper here.

Business is becoming globalised. Companies deal with clients all over the world and have offices in multiple locations. The challenge is maintaining connections between different offices and clients when they are physically remote. In order to work efficiently, people need to be able to connect, and email simply doesn’t cut it any more. People need to share large, sensitive documents with one another instantly. They need to communicate in the open with colleagues in different offices. They need to work with external collaborators seamlessly and securely. And they need tools to help them keep track of projects without complications.

Tools that enable efficient and secure remote collaboration and communication are in demand across most industries. Cloud collaboration provides these tools. This technology enables globally dispersed colleagues to work together within the same system. Colleagues anywhere in the world can work on the same documents, share files and communicate with one another through a cloud collaboration platform, unimpeded by physical location.

Working in the cloud enables collaboration between internal and external parties without any concerns about security, compatibility and excessive administration involved with using two or more systems. Companies can communicate with customers, suppliers or business partners through a cloud collaboration platform just as easily as they could if they were internal to the company.

Having one system for both internal and external collaboration simplifies working, as files, documents and communications are not emailed, duplicated or transferred between systems. External users can collaborate as if they are part of the organisation (subject to permissions) which makes the collaboration process between parties secure and efficient.

An understanding of enterprise cloud collaboration has created huge efficiency opportunities across every kind of business and increasingly those at the cutting edge are leveraging it to create new ways of working. Download the whitepaper, A guide to selecting your perfect enterprise cloud collaboration vendor, to help you decide which enterprise cloud collaboration platform and vendor is right for your business.


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