Struts 2 and JQGrid – An Alternative to Other Visually Rich Web Applications

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Struts 2 and JQGrid – An Alternative to Other Visually Rich Web Applications

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Struts 2 and JQGrid offer an elegant alternative to changing languages or trying other frameworks that involve other languages. Imagine if you have inherited an application that was written in Java and used maybe Struts 2? Even if it didn’t involve Struts, migrating an existing project in Java to Struts 2 is easier than migrating an existing application to another language. We can reuse the expertise of the seasoned developers that are already present in team. Why re-train?

JQGrid offers a comprehensive toolset that leverages the power of Ajax and lends this power to Struts 2 via the Struts 2 JQGrid. Visit  http://www.jgeppert.com/2010/01/new-showcase-for-the-jqgrid-feature-in-struts2-jquery-plugin-is-available/ I admit this is rapidly evolving package that we don’t hear much of but can be useful.

it is now an accepted fact that JavaScript plays an important part in web applications it allows us to create rich applications that have attractive visual effects. This is the power JQGrid lends to especially Java developers that don’t want to move much out of their Java realm.

In my next blog I plan to build an application that will illustrate the various features of the JQGrid toolset. Indeed we will explore some of the lesser known concepts that add amazing features to filtering, sorting and searching tabular data.

Yes there are other languages other frameworks but if your team is skilled in Java wouldn’t it be wise to invest in enhancing the skills and utilizing the existing abilities than to retrain in completely new languages.

Then of course there is the “rapid part” and learning curve. If the extra features of the JQGrid require a greater learning curve than learning another framework from scratch then this might not be the best. My perspective is that the learning curve for JQGrid is actually very gentle. However the last word lies with the team.

A Struts 2 JQgrid application can be setup in such a way that the code will have alot of reuseable components. Making dealing with tabular data throughout the application easier and seems to be faster than the new code generators out there for web applications.

Lastly in the application i present in my next blog, I will add an important part that is not by default offered in the JQGrid plugin, this is creating reports. I use an interesting yet powerful alternative for this.

With these thoughts in mind I take my leave until next time.

From http://gabrieljeremiahcampbell.wordpress.com/2011/01/31/struts-2-and-jqgrid-an-alternative-to-other-visually-rich-web-applications/


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