Stuck in the Middle with Your Agile Transformation? (Part 2)

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Stuck in the Middle with Your Agile Transformation? (Part 2)

Johanna Rothman continues her short series on how some are getting stuck in the middle of their agile transformation.

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In Stuck in the Middle, Part 1, I discussed possible management problems with agile. Those aren’t the only stuck problems I see. Sometimes, I see team problems.

What if the teams are “almost agile”—they still have too many experts, their stories are too big, they don’t always deliver value on a regular basis? You know they could see the benefits of agile if they retrospected, or changed the way they work. Maybe they don’t quite know what to do.

I also tackled some of these concerns with blog posts:

Understanding the problems — and helping the team understand the problems — is your first step in helping to solve the problems.

I wrote some newsletters that might help:

I admit, it would be nice if we could tell people what to do. I have found that telling doesn’t work so well when we want people to be self-managing. (!!) What can you do?

  • Build your coaching skills so you can coach across the organization.
  • Build your influence skills so you can influence anywhere.
  • Understand the dynamics that prevent the teams from succeeding as well as they could.

We do all of these at the Influential Agile Leader. I invite you to join us this year, in Boston or London.

In Part 3, I’ll discuss the system of agile that makes being stuck in the middle uncomfortable.

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