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Submit Form Programmatically From PHP Using JavaScript

It´s something quite easy but may help a newby (as I´m now) in the future. 
This is a simple function in PHP to insert a JavaScript sentence which will do the same action as if the user would be pressing the Submit Button.
It can be used to use any control as a Submit Button or in case you make a form you need to send without interaction from the user.
the $FormName must be the name specified in the Form tag (i.e.: 
), if you didn´t specified any, you must now :) Lastly, just a tip regarding a trouble I had and may be you case too... if you have a form with all hidden fields, it won´t work, you have to have at least something echoed inside the form, just a letter can help, anyway, as it will redirect to the action URL, it should not be a problem as the form will disappear. function SubmitForm($FormName) //JavaScript function to submit a form programmatically //$FormName must be form´s name (as specified in the opening form tag) { echo ''; }

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