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Summer school, Jive style

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If you've had the opportunity to participate in a Jive strategy session, chances are you've seen this image before. It's intended to illustrate how different roles require different amounts of training:

  • Light-weight, on-demand assistance for individual community members to get them started in the right direction and help them solve any issues that may arise
  • Role-specific guidance for specialized roles, like your advocates, to help them better understand what's expected of them and what "model behavior" looks like
  • Extensive hands-on sessions for anyone who will be spending a lot of time configuring permissions, setting up spaces, and otherwise actively managing the communitytraining levels.png

As you approach the bottom of the pyramid, it's often easier to recognize that those who will be spending significant time setting up the community or running it on a day-to-day basis require a more formal training approach. But providing your community members with the right level of information to help them adopt Jive more effectively can be tricky: you can't expect them to invest too much time or energy in learning a new (often optional) tool, but without some initial explanation, they may struggle with key concepts.To make it a bit easier for you to bring your newest members up to speed on key Jive concepts, the Jive Training team has created the Jive Training Video Library. This collection of 10 brief videos (each around 2–3 minutes or less) explains basic concepts like streams, the Jive inbox, following, and content creation.

>> Check out the videos here: https://community.jivesoftware.com/community/training/videosYour users can access the videos directly here in the Jive Community.

But to make it even easier for people to access them right where they need them most—from within your community—we will also soon be unveiling the new Jive Training App. The beta release of this app will allow your community members to access the latest training videos (including additional titles as they become available) via a Jive app, where they can:

  • Track which videos they've watched
  • Post questions or comments on each video
  • Share videos with their peers
  • Quickly link to videos from other content

>> To sign up for the Jive Training App beta, just let us know in the comments below or send a direct message to me, Carrie Gilbert. And for even more Jive Training goodness, be sure not to miss Jivers' Ed training at JiveWorld!


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