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Sun Cuts OpenSparc Deal with Chinese Department of Ed

In one of those deals that you just knew was in the cards – though long-term it may prove to be ill-advised – the Communist Chinese are going to take Sun up on its OpenSparc offer and start training aspiring young developers on the artistry of its multi-core UltraSparc T1 and T2 chips under a three-year collaboration agreement between the company and China’s Ministry of Education.

The freely available OpenSparc specs will help train the Chinese in chip multithreading and coding for same and develop native MPUs and MPU designers.

Sun sees it as opening a huge market for the OpenSparc community and an endorsement of its open source approach. Academic research is supposed to turn into products.

Chinese schools will develop their own textbooks, workshops and lab programs, Sun said. They expect to train 100-150 teachers in OpenSparc a year. to


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