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Super Bowl 50 — Super Technology

Since DZone is all about technology, this article is going to focus on the technology around Super Bowl 50.

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With the big game between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers scheduled for Sunday, a great deal of attention and focus has been on the veteran quarterback, Peyton Manning, and next-gen standout, Cam Newton. Some are talking about two pretty impressive defensive units being a key factor as well.  Since DZone is all about technology, this article is going to focus on the technology around Super Bowl 50.

Super Bowl 50 Security

With the 50th Super Bowl nearing, the NFL has pulled out all the stops to close out their semicentennial season. What many may not realize are the extra measures that have been put into place to celebrate the final game:

  • Security Cameras - the spectacular nearly brand-new Levi's stadium has been outfitted with 600 security cameras to focus on aspects that won't be a part of the broadcast experience.

  • Haystax's CalCOP - intelligence superstar startup Haystax is lending a hand with their California Common Operating Picture (CalCOP) for Threat Awareness software. The program aggregates various information sources into a giant "Watchboard" and is able to process approximately 200 alerts per minute with ease.

  • Social Media Bots - analytical bots have already been put into place to scan social media postings for any threat of violence geared toward San Francisco this weekend. 

  • Robots Abound - in the event that a situation arises that requires disarmament, robots will be on-site to handle the necessary tasks—as well as assisting with detection.

Levi's Stadium — An Amazing Host

Since opening night in August, the NFL has been able to help build excitement to the Super Bowl being held at Levi's Stadium. Getting the host stadium to this point was not a trivial task. In fact, if you have two minutes to spare, I recommend checking out the time-lapse presentation put together by EarthCam:

Super Commercials

Of course, what is a Super Bowl without awesome commercials? From what I've heard and seen, there are some pretty cool commercials planned for the 50th winner-takes-all match. Some of the commercials that focus on technology are:

  • Audi - one of the luxury automobile manufacturers with a core technology base should not disappoint us with their commercial spot featuring the R8.

  • PayPal - the online payment system is planning to take charge of the financial industry, with a focus on "new money" being the future. Look out Wall Street.

  • Mobile Strike - in what will look like a blockbuster movie preview, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Mobile Strike commercial is geared to entice more users to download and play their mobile game.

  • Wix - the web-site builder gets some help with the staff at Dreamworks in an effort to cross-promote Kung Fu Panda 3 and raise awareness of the features around building a web-site on the Wix platform.

  • Acura - expecting to grab the high-end luxury sports-car market, Acura is using their commercial spot to showcase the $156,000+ NSX model. Look out Audi, Acura knows a little about packing technology into their products too.


Super Bowl 50 should be an exciting and entertaining event. From the potential story lines of Peyton's final game as the on-field director or Cam's emergence as a champion, to the over-the-top 360 degree presentation touted by CBS, the football aspect should be fun. The commercials and the half-time show (featuring Coldplay, Beyoncé, and maybe even Bruno Mars) will provide the glue to keep the entertainment flowing during the multi-hour broadcast.  At the base of virtually every aspect is the underlying technology—which plays a secondary (but crucial) role to the end result.

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