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New scheduling technology from Skedulo reshapes CX for companies with mobile workforces.

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Skedulo, the leader in mobile workforce scheduling and management, today announced the immediate availability of Skedulo Lens, a new set of APIs and technology that radically reshapes the customer experience for companies with a mobile workforce. Skedulo Lens introduces on-demand scheduling to the world of field services, allowing businesses of all sizes to empower their end-users or customers through self-service scheduling, as well as work order progress tracking, all within a branded experience.

“With today’s technology, you can order a car via your mobile device and know exactly who is driving and when they will arrive. Customers expect the same experience when they schedule a service call,” said Skedulo CEO and co-founder Matt Fairhurst. “Companies spend countless dollars acquiring customers but they quickly diminish their customer relationships through poor post-sale experiences. The world’s leading, global brands are successful because they think about their customers first and empower them with transparency, giving them a voice.”

The mobile field service industry is undergoing a major transformation as organizations seek better ways to maximize productivity, reduce operating costs and assure excellence in customer experiences. Integrating natively with Salesforce, Skedulo helps companies transform how they manage and schedule their mobile workforce teams by providing comprehensive management and scheduling functionality to service organizations with teams in the field. Skedulo Lens takes this a step further by exposing real-time scheduling and availability to end customers on public websites, portals and branded mobile applications. This closes the loop from the initial moment of service – when a customer requests an interaction with connected customer relationship data – through to service completion and satisfaction.

“It's not the wait time or service delivery time itself that damages CX – it's the anxiety arising from the unknown. Brands that offer ride-sharing, rapid delivery and other modern on-demand service organizations excel at improving the customer experience by deploying mobile apps that provide their customers with visibility into wait times, or transparency into real-time availability and their service offering,” continued Fairhurst. “Customers require the freedom to choose specific technician arrival times, same-day service, weekend appointments and guaranteed one-hour service windows. This simply wasn't possible in the past due to logistical limitations. Skedulo Lens makes this a reality.”

According to Christina Mathes, VP Client Experience at Detroit-based, gigabit internet service provider Rocket Fiber, “Skedulo Lens allows us to deliver on our vision and promise of a world-class client experience.  Our clients now have the freedom to schedule a specific time for their fiber installation, based on the real-time availability of our install team, and transparency into the entire process from arrival time to completion.”

Skedulo Lens wraps up a set of APIs and web/mobile SDKs and allows companies to create a consistent, seamless customer experience at every stage from booking to the field service appointment. Any company with a mobile workforce, from business service organizations to healthcare, can deploy Skedulo Lens for smarter self-service scheduling and a radically enhanced customer experience.

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