Survey Demonstrates Growth in Private Cloud Workloads and the Need for Rapidly Deployable Infrastructure

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Survey Demonstrates Growth in Private Cloud Workloads and the Need for Rapidly Deployable Infrastructure

Most Organizations Take More Than One Week to Deliver Infrastructure to End Users

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Qualisystems, the leading provider of private/hybrid cloud orchestration software for DevOps and cloud sandboxing, released the results of a global survey showing that organizations are struggling with the ability to deliver infrastructure to end users to enable the demands of a DevOps environment.

The Qualisystems survey queried nearly 650 architects, engineers, system administrators, IT managers, directors, VPs and C-level executives from the US and Europe at VMWorld in October.

The survey results revealed most organizations take mre than one week to deliver infrastructure to end users. An overwhelming 75% cannot deliver infrastructure within a typical workday.

In addition, the number of applications with workloads that have a high mix of physical and virtual infrastructure requirements is projected to grow. Right now, 40% of application environments have a high mix of physical and virtual requirements, and 34% are network heavy.

The private cloud is gaining traction with 30% of application workloads currently running in the private cloud, and 40% of application workloads expected to run in the private cloud within 24 months, a projected growth rate of 10%.

"We see the demand on enterprises and service providers to deliver more complex applications and software-defined services as a major driver in the growth of private clouds, especially in devtest labs and DevOps oriented data centers," said Joan Wrabetz the CTO of Qualisystems. "This emphasizes the need to provide development, test and QA teams with Sandboxes that allow them to mimic complex private cloud infrastructure from development all the way to production."

In January, Qualisystems debuts its CloudShell 6.4 product along with its strategy for launching an open community for users and developers of its CloudShell platform .

About the Survey:

To compile these results, Qualisystems surveyed 643 attendees at VMWorld US and Europe who hold job titles of architect, engineer, systems administrator, IT manager, director, vice president, or a C-level executive.

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