Survey: Devs Favor Android in the Long-Term; iOS Now

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Survey: Devs Favor Android in the Long-Term; iOS Now

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A couple of interesting stats have come out of last quarter's Appcelerator survey, which was released today.  The makers of the Titanium framework polled its mobile developers and found that more of them favor Android's prosperity in the long term over the iPhone platform, which is favored more now.  Another facet of the survey showed that interest in the iPad and other tablets is rising.  2,733 Titanium developers (web language developers who can build native-ized apps for Android, iOS, and BB) participated in this study.  

iPad interest skyrocketed among developers (30% more 'very interested' devs compared to last quarter's survey) when the announcement had been made that over 1 million had been sold.  Now that number has reached over 3 million.  84% of the developers surveyed were "very interested" in developing for the iPad.  62% were interested in Android tablets and most developers thought that HP tablets were webOS's greatest strength.

As Apple and Google continue to make headlines in the mobile world (and add features), BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 interest is declining.  WP7 'very interested' developers declined by 7% compared to last quarter, and BB declined by 9%.  Android interest held steady with 81% very interested developers.  iPhone had a 3% gain in interest.

Along with these basic interest polls, Appcelerator asked what some of the biggest pain points were for building mobile or desktop apps:

The Appcelerator poll also has a nice breakdown of several key statements and how developers aligned those statements with certain OSes.  You can see that most developers think iOS devices have significantly more marketability, but a majority also think that Android is a better, more open OS with slightly more developers favoring it in the long run.  

Finally, there's a Pros & Cons comparison of each mobile platform based on the survey results:

DZone is currently using Titanium to develop a Refcardz App for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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