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Survey: How do you Update Your App in Production?

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Survey: How do you Update Your App in Production?

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Hi guys! My name is Jevgeni Kabanov and I’m a computer scientist/hackerpreneur. Recently I’ve been trying to figure out what is happening in the world of Java EE production deployment and frankly it seems pretty scary. After speaking to over a 100 people these are my hypotheses:

  1. Nobody uses redeployment in production (as in the actual button that does in-server update). It just isn’t reliable enough due to OutOfMemoryError-s and other failures.
  2. The common way to update an application is to:
    1. Take all servers down at 2am and hope no one is using it.
    2. Take servers down one at a time, upgrade them and either drop or migrate the user sessions.
    3. Use weird hacks like copying one file at a time.

I'm also trying to find out how the update process happens, how hard it is and what does it cost in human measure (hours) and in soulless business measure (dollars).

I ask you to help me out and provide me with some semi-solid data I can use to better understand what’s going on in reality. Hopefully you’ll prove me wrong. Afterwards, I’ll make all the data I've collected publicly available.

The survey is completely anonymous and the email will only be used to send you the results. Please fill it in here: http://0t.ee/appupdq11 Please share this with your friends/colleagues if it's not too much trouble.

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