Survey: Only 3% of Companies Use Cloud Storage

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Survey: Only 3% of Companies Use Cloud Storage

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Cloud startups are popping up left and right these days and many companies are at least considering cloud adoption.  However, the adoption of cloud storage is lagging far behind other cloud services says a new report by Forrester.  According to the study, only 3% of the respondent companies used cloud storage.  In addition, the survey said that only a small portion of companies plan on getting cloud storage in the future.  There was some good news for storage vendors though - about half of the respondents said they were interested in the prospect of cloud storage.

Over 1,200 IT decision makers at SMBs and enterprises took part in the survey.  The respondents worked at businesses in Europe and North America.  When Forrester asked respondents if they have adopted or plan to adopt cloud storage services, these were the results:

  • 3% use cloud storage services
  • One-third of the respondents that used cloud services said they plan on expanding their existing implementation (1% of the total amount surveyed)
  • 3% plan on getting cloud storage within a year
  • 5% plan on using cloud storage a year from now or later
  • 43% are not interested in cloud storage
  • About 46% are interested in cloud storage, but have no plans to adopt it

Another interesting piece of information from the survey is that respondents were more interested in using the cloud for back-up storage rather than general storage.  Forrester thinks the reason behind this result is the complete service offerings provided by some cloud companies.  The customers don't just get CPU or storage capacity, they get backup software intelligence included in the service as well.  These services take the pressure off of  the in-house IT team to build and maintain a backup system.  There is also less perceived risk when a company doesn't put all of its data in the cloud and the IT department knows that the important things are stored on-premises.

The survey supports what many cloud analysts are saying: that IT departments and end users are still uneasy about service level guarantees.  Forrester says there is potential for long-term growth for storage-as-a-service, but cloud providers such as Amazon S3, EMC Atmos, Nirvanix, The Planet, and AT&T must address issues with guaranteed service levels, security, chain of custody, shared tenancy, and long-term pricing.  These are the issues that are preventing companies from pulling the trigger on cloud storage.

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