Survey Results: The 10 Most Important End-User Features to Develop for Enterprise Mobile Apps

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Survey Results: The 10 Most Important End-User Features to Develop for Enterprise Mobile Apps

Check out the results of a survey asking about the most important features to build into your enterprise mobile apps for an optimal user experience.

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What are the most important enterprise mobile app features that end users are crying out for? We've got the answer based on data from nearly 2,000 developers on lessons they've learned building recent enterprise mobile apps.

The information is based on a Bock & Company survey, commissioned by Alpha Software, to find out what developers think about mobile app development. The survey entitled, "Enterprise Developers Rank Critical Requirements for Success in the Coming Mobile App Explosion," will help any developer looking to build enterprise apps. This is the third and final blog in a series about the survey.

Our first blog article focused on what critical features developers are building into their apps. This second blog article examines the other key aspect of mobile apps: what end-users believe are the most important features and capabilities of an enterprise app.

What Enterprise Users Are Looking for in Great Mobile Apps

Developers are ideally suited for finding out what people want in the perfect enterprise mobile app, because as the survey points out, "They learn first-hand what elements are critical to success for the line-of-business, providing unique insights into features and functions that mobilize digital experiences."

The survey asked developers to identify the most important end-user requirements for mobile apps, and to then rank them in order of importance. Here are the ten cited as most important.

The most important overall was that the application be intuitive and easy to use, cited by 92% of developers.

Next in importance were a cluster of features that focus on productivity and data capture. Eighty-four percent of developers said that the app must "capture data to increase accuracy." An equal number said that the application should "make mobile workers more productive." And 80% rated the ability to "capture data to reduce lag times" as being important to their customers.

Next in importance was that a mobile application "support multiple platforms," (71% of respondents). A nearly equal number, 70%, said that the ability to "deliver low-cost apps with measurable ROIs" is important to end-users.

The final four capabilities rated as important were all advanced technical features:

    • 47% said the app should access data in the cloud
    • 38% said the app should track location
    • 34% said the app should support mobile payments
    • 22% said geofencing is important

To view the full results of the survey, click here.

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