Surviving in a Software-Eating World

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Surviving in a Software-Eating World

Join Brian Gracely as he talks with Matt Coyler. The topics of this podcast range from surviving in a world being eaten by software to making big businesses more agile.

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[A fun chat about open source code and Github with a product manager from Github.  ]

The Cloudcast #257 — Surviving in a Software-Eating World

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Date: June 22, 2016

By: Aaron Delp and Brian Gracely

Description: Brian talks with Matt Colyer (@mcolyer; Product Manager at @GitHub | Founder of Flagr and Easel) about the evolution of "software is eating the world" — how application development is evolving; how companies are changing the organizations and process; how IT organizations are dealing with open source software and how SaaS applications like GitHub have to evolve.

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  • Topic 1:  Welcome to the show. Let's talk about your background, not only at GitHub, but also as a developer and entrepreneur prior to GitHub.
  • Topic 2: We all know the famous "software is eating the world" quote from Marc Andreessen, but this means that more companies must be building their own software. Let's talk about what GitHub sees from that perspective — establishing software development as a core business competency ("insourcing").
  • Topic 3: It's been interesting to watch more companies, not just vendors, actively participate in open source communities — not just using the software, but actively contributing to existing projects and starting their own projects.
  • Topic 4: The public cloud has awesome services available, but not every company feels like they can use the public cloud, so we’re seeing more "on-premises" offerings from public cloud companies. Can you talk about the benefits and challenges of these offerings?
  • Topic 5: What's a trend that you’re seeing from smaller companies that you don't think enough larger business follow today, but could be easily adopted to make them better at software development or just more agile as a business?
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