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Swift Goes Open Source

As of December 3rd, Apple's Swift is now open source. Check out some of the highlights available here.

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As of December 3rd, Apple's Swift is open source. You can find their official announcement here.

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Some of the newly available resources:

  • Swift.org — official site of the open source Swift community
  • Github.com/apple — public source code repositories
  • Swift Package Manager — brand new project for easily sharing and building code
  • Swift Core Libraries — cross-platform, higher-level functioning tools above the standard library (not yet ready for production use, but open to the community for cooperative development) 
  • Platforms — support for entire range of Apple platforms, plus Linux

The three major tenets of Swift are security, speed, and ease of design. Apple plans to deliver in all three aspects, stating:

Tools are a critical part of the Swift ecosystem. We strive to integrate well within a developer’s toolset, to build quickly, to present excellent diagnostics, and to enable interactive development experiences.

And, quite ambitiously, they add:

Swift is intended as a replacement for C-based languages (C, C++, and Objective-C). As such, Swift must be comparable to those languages in performance for most tasks. Performance must also be predictable and consistent, not just fast in short bursts that require clean-up later. There are lots of languages with novel features — being fast is rare.

Can open-sourcing Swift to the community make it more powerful than before? Share your opinion in the comments. If anything, the reality of having Apple's code available as open source is pretty sweet. Pour some syntatic sugar on me anyone?

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Sorry about the ear worm, I couln't resist.

Check out their official "About Swift" page for more details. Some more resources are available here.

And, if you haven't already, download Swift here.


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