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Swing to AJAX websites with AjaxSwing 3.2.3 (NEW)


What is AjaxSwing?AjaxSwing Convert you Swing to websites

AjaxSwing is a web deployment platform for Java Swing applications. It allows companies that built Java desktop applications to run them as web applications. AjaxSwing can be thought of as a Java Swing to HTML converter that creates HTML and JavaScript at runtime.

What are the benefits of using AjaxSwing?

AjaxSwing is unique in that it requires virtually no modifications to existing applications, and does not require programmers to learn any APIs other then AWT/Swing. This allows companies to leverage the time and money invested into building Swing applications, while enjoying the benefits of thin-client deployment. For a full list of features see the Features page.

 Updates in AjaxSwing 3.2.3

  • Several users can now download files with same name from different ClientAgents
  • Fixed JList rendering on large lists
  • Fixed JTable updating when no editor installed on table
  • Improved JTable automatic changes detection
  • Fixed error page displaying "null" instead of error message
  • Fixed JEditorPane invalid size when "< br >" used inside HTML content
  • Fixed JTable issues with multiple row selection in browser
  • Fixed JTextField invalid update with "\" appearing in value
  • Support for changes to JPopupMenu while it's visible
  • Corrected invalid URLs to creamtec.com
  • Other minor fixes and improvements

Check out Online Demos to see AjaxSwing in action

Download AjaxSwing.


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