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Swing JavaBuilder 0.3 Final

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I am happy to announce the 0.3.FINAL release of the Swing JavaBuilder engine:


Swing JavaBuilder is a library for building Swing interface via YAML (which is way much less verbose than XML or JSON), allowing you to drastically cut down on the amount of lines of Java code required. Besides handling all of the usual Swing pain points (code verbosity, thread management, internationalization, databinding, input validation, to name a few), we also offer an innovative layout DSL that runs on top of MigLayout and makes IDE-specific GUI builders (like Matisse) obsolete.

I am proud to say that a lot of work in this release went into writing end-user documentation (we do not want to be one of those open source project where you need to look at Javadoc to figure out to use it) and the end result is our PDF book "Swing JavaBuilder : Achieving maximum productivity with minimum code via declarative UIs":







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