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Swing: Withering Vine on the JavaFX Branch?

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Swing: Withering Vine on the JavaFX Branch?

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Over on java.net and elsewhere, one can find various discussions that link JavaFX to the dropping of Beans Binding from JDK 7. Perhaps this is most clearly expressed there as follows:

[C]onsidering that JavaFX Script was built to support binding, maybe it's not a stretch to think that someone, somewhere decided that it's more practical for developers to adopt the built-to-bind JavaFX, than to try to bring the feature to Swing apps. 

If that is indeed the case, it is at least worth being aware of. JavaFX may not be Swing 2.0 in fact, but it may be so in deed. In other words, if one looks inside the code, and uses it, one (at the very least, me) does not feel that one is using Swing at all. I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing. However, if the politics behind the scenes consists of hoping that Swing will gradually be abandoned for JavaFX or—even more likely—that newbies to Java will (at some point) not be using Swing at all, choosing instead to use JavaFX, it would be good to know about this right now, wouldn't it?

If integration between Swing and JavaFX is an afterthought (or, at least, a secondary thought), which clearly seems to be the case, and if beans binding is not going into the JDK because the hope is that JavaFX will be used instead of Swing (or, by excluding it from the JDK, programmers will be pushed towards JavaFX) then let's hear that loud and clear, right? Similarly, if I'm wrong in understanding that JMF will not be replaced in Swing, but that instead one is expected to use JavaFX Media instead (implying a further push towards JavaFX), I'd be very happy to be corrected on this point.

If Swing is the top part part of the rocket that will fall off while we're all gathering speed into JavaFX... I, for one, would like to know when I should start crawling into the main body of the ship.

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