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SWT C++ now available (no JRE needed!)

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SWT C++ now available (no JRE needed!)

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The Standard Widget Toolkit in 100% native C++, for C++. Runs without a JRE.

PureNative Software Corporation announces the availability of SWT C++, the first complete implementation of The Standard Widget Toolkit in native C++, for C++ development, for immediate download from pure-native.com.

SWT C++ is made possible by both NewJ and SWT Camp. NewJ implements the core Java API in 100% native C++, for C++. SWT Camp lets you take SWT Java source code and run it JRE-free in 100% native C++ using NewJ. SWT Camp can be used to move existing SWT Java programs to C++, and it can be used to develop new SWT C++ programs. SWT Camp is a do-it-yourself toolkit by developers, for developers.

Rev up SWT to run JRE-free in 100% native C++.
SWT Camp brings the benefits of NewJ and 100% native C++ to SWT, including: run JRE-free, simplified single .EXE deployment, applications start-up immediately with no waiting, seamless integration with existing C++ applications and libraries.

Full fidelity. Zero forking.
SWT Camp produces SWT C++ entirely from SWT Java source code. This means that SWT C++ is intentionally feature-for-feature and bug-for-bug compatible with the SWT Java implementation.

SWT Camp is the source.
Includes full source code for SWT C++ Platform Implementation (swtcpppi) library.

Free download. Available now.

Requires: Windows 2000, XP or later, Microsoft Visual C++ 7.1 (Visual Studio .NET 2003), NewJ Desktop for C++, NewJ Equals C++.

Note: You need NewJ Desktop for C++ and NewJ Equals C++ before you can use SWT Camp and SWT C++.

SWT C++: http://www.pure-native.com/swtcpp/swtcamp.html

1. Download NewJ Desktop Trial Edition for Visual C++ 7.1

2. Download NewJ Equals C++

3. Download SWT Camp


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