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Syncro SVN Client v5.0

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Syncro SVN Client v5.0

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New in version 5.0:

  •  Diff Files tool
This tool allows finding the differences between two local files using six different diff algorithms and applying some options like ignore whitespaces, merge adjacent differences, etc.

  • Diff Directories tool

This tool allows finding the differences between two sets of files that have the same names but are located in different folders. Two files with the same name can be compared with the binary content method or the last modification timestamp method.

  • User interface update
The menus and toolbars were changed. Some actions where added or removed in the menu bar and in the Working Copy, Synchronize, Repository, History views so that the most used actions can be accessed faster. A new toolbar was added.

  • Specify working copy format at checkout
Sometimes a working copy is used with more than one SVN application that may not support the latest working copy format. For compatibility with such applications the working copy format can be specified at checkout: SVN 1.4, SVN 1.5 or SVN 1.6.

  • Upgrade and downgrade working copy format

If the user does not want to upgrade the working copy format to the latest format he can do that later with the Upgrade action. A Downgrade action is available for users who need compatibility with applications that do not support the latest working copy format.

Pricing and Free Trial:

Syncro SVN Client 5.0 can be freely evaluated for 30 days. Single user license with one year Maintenance Pack costs $59, while a Site License with one year Maintenance Pack costs $2970.

Supported Operating Systems:
Syncro SVN Client can be run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Solaris.




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