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Syndication on DZone and What It Means for SEO

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Syndication on DZone and What It Means for SEO

"How will syndication affect my SEO?" This is probably the most common question we get asked by potential MVBs. Here are our thoughts on the subject.

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Updated 12 January 2018.

If you've considered becoming an MVB, you may have wondered how syndication through DZone would affect your blog's SEO. Will having duplicate content on DZone hurt your Google ranking? Will your original articles get pushed down the search results page? 

We get asked this question a lot and totally understand the concern! We certainly don’t want to step on your SEO toes. That said, we’ve very rarely received any feedback about search rank being negatively affected by syndication on DZone. There are a few reasons for that, as explained by our CTO Matt Schmidt: 

  1. We include a canonical URL that references the URL on dzone.com – the canonicals referencing offsite content won’t have much (if any) impact.

  2. Google is crawling at near real-time and they know which piece of content is published first (yours)

  3. They recognize syndication or duplication. The link back at the bottom of the article to the original source also helps to reinforce this.

  4. You can pick up some additional off-site SEO benefit by making sure your blog posts reference other articles on your site or blog and we’ll keep those links when we repost.

As for duplicate content, we don’t deny Google sees syndicated content as duplicate. However, we do believe Google understands syndication is a natural byproduct of web publishing and does not want to punish sites for doing it. We recommend this fantastic explanation of Google's duplicate content policies

Also, we suggest doing a few searches on your own. Go to an MVB’s profile (for example, Stefan Wolpers, Nic Raboy, or Mike Driscoll) and grab any of the article titles, then do a quick Google search. Assuming we haven’t changed the titles too drastically, you should find that 95% of the time the original article appears first in the list. Ours will generally be in the search list, but the original article should be on top. 

Lastly, if you measure SEO and notice your site takes a big dip in traffic after partnering with us, we can always end the MVB agreement. All MVBs have the ability to do that at any moment. If you're worried about SEO, you can always test syndicating with us and measure what effect, if any, posting on DZone has on your traffic or search placement.

And of course, we'd also like to highlight that our value isn’t so much in bringing our MVB’s blogs more traffic, but rather bringing the right readers to the right articles from any particular MVB. By syndicating to DZone, you are instantly attracting thousands of engaged software developers. So, if the goal is to get more dev eyes on the dev-focused pieces that you’ve written, we can help with that!

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