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Synthetica 2.9 Enterprise Look & Feel

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Synthetica 2.9 Enterprise Look & Feel

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JAVASOFT Software Engineering is pleased to announce new Synthetica and SyntheticaAddons releases. Please find the most relevant improvements below - a complete list of changes can be found here and here.

Synthetica is a 'Look and Feel' for Swing and is based on Synth. SyntheticaAddons provides additional components, UI-delegates and Painters for Swing, the SwingX project and for JIDE components.

Major improvements

  • New, dark hybrid theme called SyntheticaBlackEye.
  • Shaped window support for Java6u10 and above.
  • Shaped and translucent window support on MAC (Java 1.5 and Java 6).
  • Outer focus support for components.
  • Fading focus support.
  • Accessible/extensible fileChooser popup menu.
  • Smart background image support for JPanels.
  • Improved support for multiple XML config files.
  • Improved Meta key support for multi row selection on Mac.


  • Added support for Synthetica's BlackEye skin.
  • New TabbedPane component with improved features - JYTabbedPane.
  • New DockingFramework - JYDocking.
  • New, rotatable button and label components.
  • New, scrollable PopupMenu component.
  • Updated DemoCenter application.
  • Updated SwingX library (V1.0).

More and more enterprise companies are convinced in the flexibility and power of Synthetica and SyntheticaAddons. Please let us know if you need some enterprise customer references.



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