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Synthetica V2.17 Enterprise Look and Feel released

We are pleased to announce the release of Synthetica V2.17.0 and SyntheticaAddons V1.8.0. Please find all major improvements below - a complete list of changes can be found at Synthetica changelog and SyntheticaAddons changelog.

New Synthetica Features

Synthetica BlueLight Theme Screenshot
  • Fade-In support for popup menus.
  • Panel background painter support for active and inactive windows.
  • Selected state support for JTree node icons.
  • TitledBorder painter supports content fill.
  • Improved hover support for scrollbars.
  • Improved support for horizontal popup menus.
  • WinKey support to restore maximized windows by shortcut WinKey+VK_DOWN.
  • FileChooser - newly created directory entries will be selected.
  • JTabbedPane - new UI-property to specify size for scroll buttons.
  • Updated themes - SyntheticaAluOxide, SyntheticaClassy, SyntheticaSimple2D.

Highlights BlueLight Theme

  • Window Shape and Background Texture - The BlueLight theme provides a rounded rectangle shape for windows with background texture and a nice gradient fill.

Window Shape and Texture

  • Text Shadow Effects - As you can see in the screenshot below a subtle text shadow effect is used for some components.

Text Shadow Effect

  • Animation for Default Buttons - A glow animation effect appears for the default button.

  • Button Glow on Hover - Another nice glow effect appears when the mouse is moved over a button. The foreground color appears inversed on hover.

  • Special Shape for Toplevel PopupMenus - For toplevel popup menus a special shape with a triangle for the selected menu entry is used.

TopLevel PopupMenu Shape

  • Fade-In Animation and Shadow Effect for Popups - Popups (even ComboBox popups) appear with a fade-in effect and a shadow effect around the popup.

  • Focus Aware CellRenderer - In BlueLight all default renderers are focus aware.

The SyntheticaTunes mockup application demonstrates all features of the BlueLight theme - feel free to give it a try Synthetica BlueLight Tunes Demo.

New SyntheticaAddons Features

  • Support for SyntheticaBlueLight theme.
  • New components for toplevel menus with a collapsible horizontal content area - XMenuBar, XMenu, XSubmenu, XMenuItem.
  • New simple layout manager to layout components horizontally - HorizontalLayout.
  • JYTaskPane - new UI-property to collapse on mousePressed instead of mouseClicked.
  • TaskPaneContainer - new UI-properties to set opacity and image painter stretch policy.
  • DropDownButton - added hover and pressed state support for arrow icon.
  • SimpleDropDownButton - added hover and pressed state support for arrow icon.
  • ToolBar - added hover and pressed state support for arrow icon.
  • SwitchButton - new UI-property to specify alpha value for disabled switch text.
  • Updated SwingX library (V1.6.5-1).

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