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SyntheticaAddons V1.2

We are pleased to announce release V1.2.0 of SyntheticaAddons - the Java/Swing component suite for Synthetica. Please find all major improvements below - a complete list of changes can be found at the changelog.

  • New Component JYSearchField with prompt, search and clear button support


  • New Component JYTextField with prompt support and the ability to add leading and trailing components within the text area


  • New Component JYCheckBox - an extended JCheckBox with half selected state support


  • New Component JYCheckBoxTree - a JTree based component which allows selection by checkbox including half selected state support


  • New Component JYSwitchButton - a checkBox variant with a switchable On/Off text area


  • JYDocking - added stream support for restore/store operations (see IPerspectiveManager)
  • JYDocking - new method which allows you to define your own docking rules (see IDockable, IDockableAcceptor)
  • DateComboBox - time selection support
  • DateComboBox - year selection support by spinner within popup
  • Updated DemoCenter application demonstrates new components and examples


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