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SyntheticaAddons V1.3 And Synthetica V2.11 released!

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SyntheticaAddons V1.3 And Synthetica V2.11 released!

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We are pleased to announce release V1.3.1 of SyntheticaAddons - the Java/Swing component suite for Synthetica and Synthetica V2.11.1. Please find all major improvements below - a complete list of changes can be found here and here.


  • Improved Alt-key support on Windows to respect MS-guidelines.
  • Improved default table renderer to simplify delegate renderer usage.
  • Improved renderer and editor support for JXTables.
  • Improved table renderer customization for selected rows.
  • New UI-properties to specify default table renderers.
  • New UI-property to control color caching of Synthetica's default table cell renderer.
  • New UI-property to set Synthetica's default table number cell editor locale sensitive.
  • New system property to avoid users from dragging a window behind the (bottom) task bar.
  • Improved JavaHelp support.
  • Updated themes: BlackEye, Simple2D, BlueMoon, BlackMoon, SilverMoon, BlueSteel, BlueIce, BlackStar, GreenDream.


  • New Component JYComboBox - provides a resizable and customizable popup and comes along with some predefined popups for Color and Font selection including related renderers/editors.

JYComboBox   JYComboBox

  • New Component JYPropertyTable - a specialized table for key/value based properties.


  • Predefined Renderers/Editors - 24 predefined table cell renderers and editors for most common data types.




  • JYTabbedPane - new method to select and scroll to the selected tab in case that the selected tab is not visible.
  • JYTextField, JYSearchField - added support to format and validate input/output.
  • JYCheckBoxTree - improved performance and visual pressed state support.
  • JYCheckBoxTree - improved customization, allows you to set your own CheckBox-SelectionModel.
  • JYDocking - improved dragging behavior in case that an unexpected event occurs while dragging, e.g. a modal window appears.
  • JXHyperlink - added UI-property support for clicked/unclicked foreground color.
  • Updated SwingX libraries.
  • Updated DemoCenter application demonstrates new components and examples.


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