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Sysadmin Culture Needs Innovation: ITIL's Are Not The Answer

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When a developer searches for solutions to an issue, they search for people who have dealt with a similar situation.  This search usually results in finding multiple blogs on a problem with competing philosophies that help give a multi-faceted view of the issue.  Not so in Sysadmin land.  A Google search for their problems usually results in a list of ITIL consultancies.  Andrew Fulcher says this is not the answer:

Sure, there are a lot of concepts that can be 'borrowed' from our developer cousins: as an example, the sort of traffic light based, real-time visibility of state that continuous delivery mandates - but applied to visualisation of IT services – could help a lot in this instance. But it's disappointing to have to fall back on applying innovations from other IT areas to system administration, rather than those tailored to our particular discipline, which raises the question of sysadmin culture: where's the innovation?  -- Andrew Fulcher

I recommend you take a look at Fulcher's full blog post "Sysadmin culture: where's the innovation".  He's a pretty new blogger but his personal stories and analysis are solid.

Source:  http://ajmfulcher.blogspot.com/2011/10/sysadmin-culture-wheres-innovation.html

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