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The System76 Galago is Fast

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The System76 Galago is Fast

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More Exploration

So, I've been doing more exploration and work on the System76 Galago UltraPro.

If nothing else, the machine is blazingly fast. I compared compilation speed for Lift and the Galago is faster than my Intel 3770-based desktop. On the laptop, a full Lift build takes 44 seconds, and on the desktop it takes 47 seconds. The laptop has 16 GB of dual-channel RAM and the desktop has 32 GB of quad-channel RAM.

I've never had a laptop that's outperformed a previous generation desktop for Scala compilations.

I am still waiting on the replacement keyboard for the Galago and the trackpad is still less than optimal ... but as a mobile development box, the Galago has the performance I'm looking for.

And to put the number in perspective, my 15" MacBook Pro with 2nd generation quad-core i7 took 87 seconds to do the compile and my 13" MacBook Pro Retina with a 3rd generation Core i7 chip took 89 seconds to do the compile.


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