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Tables For Layout, Still Using It? CSS3 Table Style, I Am Not Sure...

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Tables For Layout, Still Using It? CSS3 Table Style, I Am Not Sure...

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With the uptake of CSS and the movement against using tables for layout, are you still doing things the old way?

In the standards world, tables are not evil but, when used for layout, it definitely is. I do not think that the CSS alternative to tables in CSS3 should ever be implemented. Why? Abuse. The HTML table element when used for the right reasons can be powerful and should be the way one displays tabular data. What do you think?

If you still use traditional HTML tables for layout, why?

Preaching coming up, HTML is about the structure of the document. CSS was meant to ad the style/visual layer to the document. To my mind, allowing one to layout pages using a table like structure with CSS makes little sense. What do you think? 

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