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Take Advantage of Free Tools to Automate Your End-to-End Release Pipelines

Good developers know it's important to automate as much of the development process as possible. However selecting the tooling, particularly without a budget, can be very difficult.

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at StackWorld conference in San Francisco. In addition to my talk on DevOps metrics, I also had the chance to deliver a virtual workshop and demo with my colleague Sam Fell.

This virtual talk focused on “Automating all the things” and how you can take advantage of free tools—such as ElectricFlow community edition to orchestrate your entire end-to-end release pipeline, which is often comprised of many other free tools, such as Git, Jenkins, Selenium, Chef, Docker, and others.

As you know, today’s modern software delivery involves a myriad of point-tools, frameworks, and infrastructures—from development, through build, testing, deployment, all the way to a Production Release. While many of these tools are free/open source, the operational and technology overhead of orchestrating the hand-offs from one tool to the next in the process are not without cost.

To improve developer productivity and resource utilization—and to enable enterprise-scale, cross-project visibility, and shorter time to market—organizations are working to automate and orchestrate the entire tool chain across the end-to-end delivery pipeline.

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Today’s Software Delivery Pipeline(s)

Sam Fell started us off by explaining today’s release pipelines and the complexities of orchestrating the–often dozens–of tools involved in the process. I then followed with a demo showing a fully-automated release pipeline with the free edition of ElectricFlowdeploying a cloud Java application, ,tying-in common tools that you, likely, also use in your process from CI to Release: including Git, Jenkins, Selenium, Chef, Docker, and more.

Watch the short demo video below to learn how to:

  • Seamlessly orchestrate third-party tools to automate your entire process- from start to finish
  • Get visibility into your end-to-end application release pipeline
  • Deploy any application to any environment using any tool-set for free.

You can also download the deck here, and be sure to download the Community edition of ElectricFlow below to give it a try yourself!

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Published at DZone with permission of Sam Fell, DZone MVB. See the original article here.

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