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Poll: Dev Hardware and OS

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Poll: Dev Hardware and OS

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Do you agree with the majority opinions in the developer community? Or are you an outsider with more radical opinions? Maybe you just want to see what the community generally agrees on and get some good advice.  That's why DZone is going to start running a series of engaging polls that will challenge or support your existing (developer) worldview.

The first part of this, the "Dev Hardware and OS" poll, is now ready for launch. The poll should only take about ten minutes, and will hopefully be fairly easy and fun to take. Your answers will be compiled with the rest of the communities', and help to improve what we offer here at DZone. You'll even have an opportunity to view the results (so far) after you complete the poll.

We'll be collecting responses through September 21, 2012. After we complete collection and compile the results, we'll post the results in an article for those interested to review.

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Thanks for your time, attention, and participation!


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