Take a Look at Developers In Action (NCDevCon 2014 Sessions)

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Take a Look at Developers In Action (NCDevCon 2014 Sessions)

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Mitch Pronchinske and I headed over to NCDevCon on the 13th and 14th to represent DZone and talk to some web and mobile developers (though there ended up being all types that came out). Just as in the past, the con was great, and the people that showed up were very interesting to talk to. We got some great feedback about the website and especially about our latest batch of research guides.

Among the session speakers was DZone superhunk Raymond Camden and our own President & CTO, Matt Schmidt.

Below I've included some of the most interesting panels, but you can also view all recorded sessions on NCDevCon's website.

ColdFusion Sessions

  1. Raymond Camden's Top Features of ColdFusion 11 
  2. Greg Wilson's Do You AngularJS Take ColdFusion to Be Your Lawfully Wedded Husband? 
  3. Mary Jo Sminkey's Stop Ignoring Your Error Messages!


  1. Nikhil Bendre's API's - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
  2. Matt Busche's Getting Started With Responsive Web Design 
  3. Raymond Camden's Building Hybrid Apps with Ionic


  1. Derik Whittaker's GruntJS - Funny Name, Awesomely Powerful Tool
  2. Matthew Eash's Using Node.js for Data Transformations 
  3. Ben McCormick's Towards a Performance Based Web


  1. Matt Schmidt's Distributed Development Teams: Tools of the Trade 
  2. Nolan Erck's Dependency Injection, Why is it Awesome and Why Should I Care? 
  3. Burr Sutter's SQL Server Tips For Everyday Programmers

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