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Electric Cloud and The New Stack at ChefConf 2016

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Electric Cloud and The New Stack at ChefConf 2016

Electric Cloud CTO Anders Wallgren spoke with The New Stack about enabling DevOps teams to work more effectively.

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This past July, Electric Cloud headed out to ChefConf in Austin. While it was hot outside, there were many cool conversations happening inside the event center. One case in point – our CTO Anders Wallgren sat down with DevOps evangelist Jason Hand from VictoOps, TheNewStack (TNS) consulting engineer Lee Calcote and TNS managing editor Joab Jackson. The four of them discussed the different ways to enable DevOps teams to work more efficiently, the ways in which agile development practices have shaped DevOps, and how the culture of DevOps has evolved and the ways in which businesses use software has changed.

Through the evolution of agile software development practices sprang DevOps, explained Hand, by “taking what we learned from agile and now apply it to the infrastructure.” Anders explained how agile was the beginning of the software transformation story and DevOps is now the last mile – the whole objective with DevOps is “plumbing the last mile of software delivery.”

The areas we see highly complex enterprises continue to struggle with are around the practices and processes of supporting agile velocity downstream. The overarching point is, in addition to the technology considerations, there are many cultural considerations as well for large organizations that are aiming to turn their software delivery practices into a strategic competitive advantage. “For so many years, one of the biggest problems with software was that we’re trying to fit ten pounds of crap in a five-pound crap bucket,” said Anders. Because high performing organizations are able to deploy 200x more frequently than the low-performers, organizations are now taking a long, hard look at the best practices within Agile and DevOps and figuring out how to apply those practices at scale, across the enterprise.

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