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Talks: Web Meets Mobile Powered by Angular

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Talks: Web Meets Mobile Powered by Angular

Juri Strumpflohner hosts three thought leaders from around the world to discuss leveraging Angular and web technology to create compelling mobile apps.

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I had the pleasure to bring 3 amazing speakers on board for our Software Craftsmanship South Tyrol Meetup group which I'm organizing together with ChristophSani YusufMaxim Salnikov and Nathan Walker, connected to us from around the globe to share their knowledge on creating mobile apps with web technology, primarily with Angular.

And I’d like to again thank all three speakers for helping me make this happen. Our attendees loved it and we got tons of amazing feedback. Thank you!

Progressively Mobile With Ionic by Sani Yusuf

Sani Yusuf (@saniyusuf) is the founder of @haibridco, Author of Ionic by Example, a Lynda author, co-organizer of @ionicuk, international speaker and trainer on the Ionic framework and Angular. It’s needless to say that he’s an absolute expert in developing mobile applications with Angular and Ionic.

Sani gave us a very funny and entertaining introduction to the power of Ionic and Angular.

Automatic Progressive Web AppsUusing the Angular Mobile Toolkit by Maxim Salnikov

Maxim Salnikov is an absolute community supporter. I have hardly seen someone that’s more dedicated to helping people. That can be easily seen from the number of conferences and meetup groups he’s organizing. He’s the founder of @ngVikingsConf@mobileeraconf. He also organizes @MobileOslo and @AngularOslo as well as co-organizes @framsia and @mobile_pulse. He’s also a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies.

And even though Maxim had his birthday at 21st of March (the day we had our meetup), he was willing to give us a talk and share his knowledge with us. Happy birthday Maxim!

Overview of NativeScript: Build Native iOS/Android Apps With Angular

I first got to know Nathan when he offered to review my video course on “Learning Angular Components.” An absolutely amazing guy. Nathan Walker is a Telerik Developer Expert for NativeScript and active Angular community contributor, known for his amazing NativeScript libraries, contributions to angular-seed, as well as for being the author of angular-seed-advanced. He’s also an Egghead author and has published a series of courses.

Unfortunately, we had some connectivity issues during our live broadcast with Nathan. But he was so kind to re-record his talk with super-crisp audio and give us the permission to share it with all of you. Watch this super insightful talk into the power of NativeScript.

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