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Tapestry 5.1 final release now available


The stable release for Tapestry 5.1, release, is now available for download.

Tapestry 5.1 includes a large number of improvements to the speed and scalability of Tapestry without sacrificing backwards compatibility. However, you should still consult the upgrade notes, which identify a couple of minor "gotchas".

Major improvements from Tapestry 5.0 to Tapestry 5.1:

  • Performance optimizations that speed rendering of very complex pages, and reduce memory usage
  • Static JavaScript libraries will now be dynamically combined into a single request
  • Automatic GZIP compression of static and dynamic content, for clients that support it
  • Significant improvements to Tapestry's property expression language
  • Partial page updates (via Ajax) may now update multiple client-side Zones
  • Many new features and improvements to Tapestry template files
  • Improved client- and server-side validation of numeric input values
  • User's preferred locale is now encoded into the URL, rather than stored in a cookie
  • A new ProgressiveDisplay component for incremental page loading
  • Vastly improved Maven Quickstart Archetype
  • New Tapestry IoC features to make it easier to override services and contributions to service configurations
  • Many new localizations of validation messages
  • Component reference documentation now identifies events triggered by components
  • Really slick new client-side logging facility (based on Blackbird)
  • New API for URL rewriting (to provide improved control over Tapestry URLs)

... and many, many more bug fixes and improvements; full details are available in the release notes.

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