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Tapestry 5.4: An Avalanche of Fixed Issues

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Tapestry 5.4: An Avalanche of Fixed Issues

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I've been working through the Tapestry issue list over the last couple of days; I'm closing a lot of duplicate and invalid bugs, and fixing some low-hanging fruit. Still, the number of fixed bugs already is impressive:


  • [TAP5-800] - Server side error during provideCompletions event for Autocompleter mixin is not reported on the client side properly
  • [TAP5-860] - JavaScript errors when adding validations to checkboxes
  • [TAP5-986] - A request can fail with an NPE in some cases, when a Tapestry page is acting as the servlet container error page
  • [TAP5-1010] - Fix Finnish validation message translation - corrected file attached
  • [TAP5-1193] - tapestry.js prevents using the back/forward browser cache
  • [TAP5-1200] - Nested Ajax calls result in a call to $T(null)
  • [TAP5-1569] - Grid should implement the ClientElement interface
  • [TAP5-1601] - Sometime a method that references a field with a conduit will not be instrumented, resulting in an NPE accessing the field itself
  • [TAP5-1668] - JavaDoc for @Parameter.value() should be clearer about the empty string
  • [TAP5-1691] - AssetPathConstructorImpl should URL-encode the application version
  • [TAP5-1704] - Localizing the "Today" and "None" labels in the core datefield component
  • [TAP5-1729] - Sometimes YUICompressor can fail with java.util.EmptyStackException
  • [TAP5-1734] - Race condition loading JavaScript libraries with ProgressiveDisplay
  • [TAP5-1735] - Most packages lack package-level javadocs
  • [TAP5-1742] - AfterRender() in Loop component should not short circuit
  • [TAP5-1762] - Some components do not have include a description of their parameters in their JavaDoc pages
  • [TAP5-1765] - PerThread scope is not honored when service is created using autobuild
  • [TAP5-1768] - @ActivationRequestParameter does not encode to be URL friendly
  • [TAP5-1770] - PageTester causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for any page request path with query parameter
  • [TAP5-1773] - FormFieldFocus mixin passes control name, not client id, to JavaScriptSupport.autofocus()
  • [TAP5-1779] - Tapestry allows directory listing of assets via client browser
  • [TAP5-1784] - Extra comma in tapestry-messages_de.js causes Internet Explorer to fail to work
  • [TAP5-1785] - Exceptions while compressing JavaScript are not fully reported
  • [TAP5-1787] - TextField should be usable with HTML5 type values (such as "number", "email", etc.)
  • [TAP5-1788] - Service id 'environment' has already been defined by org.apache.tapestry5.services.TapestryModule with Spring 3.1
  • [TAP5-1791] - On some JDKs, the complex regular expression used by ComponentEventLinkEncoderImpl will cause a stack overflow
  • [TAP5-1798] - Grid and BeanDisplay should ignore properties that are actually static fields
  • [TAP5-1822] - LinkSecurity should be public, not internal, as it is used with the public Link interface
  • [TAP5-1825] - Incorrect order of parameter in localization messages within ValidationMessages Italian lang
  • [TAP5-1831] - DelegatingInjectionResources does not pass generic type information to its first delegate
  • [TAP5-1836] - "LocalhostOnly" WhitelistAnalyzer check "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1%0" ip address instead "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1"
  • [TAP5-1844] - Datefield not fires onchange event on changes
  • [TAP5-1848] - tapestry-jpa ignores persistence provider from persistence.xml
  • [TAP5-1854] - AjaxComponentEventRequestHandler doesn't handle the case where a response has already be returned, and may append an empty JSON Object to the response
  • [TAP5-1860] - Access to protected component fields does not always reflect in subclasses
  • [TAP5-1868] - SRSCachingInterceptor returns compressed version of asset for all clients once it was compressed for some client
  • [TAP5-1870] - javascript added while in the render phase of a component from an ajax request is never executed
  • [TAP5-1873] - JavaScript execution exception is not logged
  • [TAP5-1880] - GZip compression should be disabled if the request is over http 1.0
  • [TAP5-1881] - TypeCoercion from Number to Boolean returns false for any number that is an even multiple of 256
  • [TAP5-1887] - Client-side JavaScript error if console.info/debug/... is available but not a function
  • [TAP5-1890] - PlaceholderBlock should implement RenderCommand
  • [TAP5-1892] - FormFragment validates non-displayed fragments (reopen)
  • [TAP5-1903] - Client-side exception when a Zone containing a Form with an Upload component is re-rendered
  • [TAP5-1906] - Interaction between client-side validation and submit buttons can result in a server-side error parsing JSON array
  • [TAP5-1907] - Client exception in IE9 when partial page render introduces stylesheets
  • [TAP5-1911] - Tree leaf is still not selectable
  • [TAP5-1926] - PropertyDisplayBlocks Date's display block is not thread safe
  • [TAP5-1929] - High contention in method InternalComponentResourcesImpl.postRenderCleanup() and NamedSet.getValues()
  • [TAP5-1931] - Alerts can not be dismissed in IE8.
  • [TAP5-1933] - Email validation should use a different regular expression
  • [TAP5-1935] - ContextResource uses a deprecated File.toURL
  • [TAP5-1937] - removeCookieValue with custom path
  • [TAP5-1938] - The ValueEncoder for JPA entity types should encode transient instances as null rather than throw an exception
  • [TAP5-1945] - Clojure integration breaks if tapestry-core is on the classpath
  • [TAP5-1949] - Alerts component does not show alerts added from a component that occurs later in the template
  • [TAP5-1950] - ResourceStreamer sends SC_NOT_MODIFIED as an error, but it should be just status
  • [TAP5-1952] - JavaScript Compressor should log warnings as well as errors, and identify the input clearly
  • [TAP5-1956] - Tapestry.ZoneManager creates memory leaks
  • [TAP5-1960] - @javax.annotations.Inject on a field, without @Named, does not inject service resources
  • [TAP5-1963] - Original exception lost in CommitAfterWorker upon abort
  • [TAP5-1964] - In production mode, placeholder timestamp needs to be limited to one-second accuracy
  • [TAP5-1969] - Excessive warnings from YUICompressor
  • [TAP5-1973] - :443 added to URLs when using the Link.toAbsoluteURI(true)
  • [TAP5-1976] - XML Parser adds attributes with default values and produces invalid HTML5 markup
  • [TAP5-1977] - Memory leak (perm gen) in component reloading
  • [TAP5-1979] - Changing the implementation of a method after adding method advice does not work; the original implementation remains
  • [TAP5-1983] - PerThreadManager does not cleanup on shutdown, can lead to memory leaks when application redeployed
  • [TAP5-1984] - Adding alerts doesn't work during ajax rendering
  • [TAP5-1985] - Clicking Alert component's "dismiss all" link scrolls to top of page
  • [TAP5-1988] - Tapestry Security Violations
  • [TAP5-1991] - YUICompressor should be less verbose about common warnings
  • [TAP5-1992] - Switch YUICompressor dependency back to com.yahoo version 2.4.7
  • [TAP5-1995] - Tapestry5 Application can not be deployed as Tomcat7 HotDeploy Package
  • [TAP5-2001] - Race condition while loading javascript file via ajax
  • [TAP5-2004] - Tapestry-Ioc fails to build on Windows (ReloadTest.java)
  • [TAP5-2008] - Serialized object data stored on the client should be HMAC signed and validated
  • [TAP5-2009] - Downgrade bundled Prototype version back to 1.7
  • [TAP5-2010] - Broken links in Javadoc pages
  • [TAP5-2014] - Zone highlight leaves behind an explicit background-color which overrides css background-color
  • [TAP5-2015] - Tomcat .war path is not decoded properly
  • [TAP5-2017] - Triggerfragment Mixin does not work when used within a table element for IE7
  • [TAP5-2025] - Duplicate generated ids
  • [TAP5-2034] - When the application operates with a context path, asset URLs are incorrectly formed
  • [TAP5-2037] - ValidationTracker/Flash persistence race condition with AJAX
  • [TAP5-2040] - TapestryAppInitializer should have access to system properties; this is a reversion in 5.4
  • [TAP5-2041] - Links within subheadings are invisible on Javadoc pages
  • [TAP5-2045] - Set default CSS class for Label component to be "control-label", but allow overrides
  • [TAP5-2047] - ElementWrapper#find jQuery implementation is broken if there is no match
  • [TAP5-2049] - Tapestry should provide locking semantics for attributes stored in the session, to prevent multiple simultaneous requests (due to Ajax) from conflicting
  • [TAP5-2052] - tapestry-ioc has a compile dependency on tapestry-test
  • [TAP5-2053] - Use of 'transient' property in alert options breaks JavaScript processors
  • [TAP5-2054] - `dom.js` implementations break when minified
  • [TAP5-2057] - CSS URL rewriting is incomplete
  • [TAP5-2061] - core_**.properties got wrong encoding
  • [TAP5-2062] - Ajax alerts not rendered after a JS call to dismissOne()
  • [TAP5-2064] - Add 'info' style to info alerts
  • [TAP5-2068] - Use <button>, not <a>, tags for the close buttons on alerts
  • [TAP5-2071] - Tapestry should output valid HTML5 when using the HTML5 doctype in templates
  • [TAP5-2073] - AbstractEventContext always emits "null" regardless of what values are defined by subclass
  • [TAP5-2079] - Tapestry should handle the case where the context path is (incorrectly) "/" (not the empty string)
  • [TAP5-2081] - datefield: cannot blank out date value via text input
  • [TAP5-2082] - When the last alert that is removed is transient, the outer container is not removed
  • [TAP5-2084] - Form should decode its link parameters
  • [TAP5-2087] - Checkboxes in forms always return "on" (considered as "checked" server-side)
  • [TAP5-2089] - JavaScript errors when using Autocomplete mixin
  • [TAP5-2092] - Tapestry-mongodb has a compile dependency on tapestry-test
  • [TAP5-2095] - Module assets should not be sent a far-future expires header
  • [TAP5-2101] - BeanEditor should always provide a new BeanValidationContext (JSR-303)
  • [TAP5-2103] - ElementWrapper#text() jQuery implementation does not work
  • [TAP5-2106] - Tapestry incorrectly rewrites CSS urls in a variety of cases
  • [TAP5-2110] - MinLength and MaxLength validators don't import "t5/core/validation"
  • [TAP5-2119] - Depenencies excluded in Gradle build files are not excluded in the generated Maven POMs
  • [TAP5-2120] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException computing relative paths for certain Resources
  • [TAP5-2121] - Broken image (for Tapestry Logo) in generated documentation page
  • [TAP5-2122] - visible() on empty <div> is false; prevents valiation of Palette component
  • [TAP5-2124] - events.zone.refresh must be triggered directly on zone element, can fail otherwise
  • [TAP5-2125] - Ajax form submissions via jQuery may pass t:formdata as "t:formdata[]" if there are multiple values
  • [TAP5-2126] - TAP5-2063 fix (multi-valued parameters in Link) conflicts with use of ActivationRequestParameter and PageLink.parameters parameter
  • [TAP5-2132] - Generation of documentation for t5/core/dom should use the split (for jQuery, for Prototype) files, not the combined source file
  • [TAP5-2137] - Tree component renders empty nodes as expandable, AssertionError when expanded
  • [TAP5-2141] - Ajax form submission should ignore fields with no name
  • [TAP5-2142] - Exceptions thrown during Ajax processing or validation force a traditional form submission
  • [TAP5-2148] - VersionUtils should close the stream it opens


  • [TAP5-336] - The Cookies service interface could be simplified using a builder pattern
  • [TAP5-672] - Translation for Vietnamese
  • [TAP5-1008] - The order in which zones are added to the MultiZoneUpdate should be honored on the client side, to allow nested zones to be updated all in a single request
  • [TAP5-1268] - Have Tapestry's core library contribute to the global message catalog; move all validation messages and component catalogs to the single file
  • [TAP5-1394] - Adding method to Cookies api that lets you set path, domain, and maxAge at once.
  • [TAP5-1405] - XHR requests should be easily callable from javascript and not rely on a zone
  • [TAP5-1560] - Remove internal dependancies on deprecated features
  • [TAP5-1570] - Zone elements in the client should trigger events so that the application can react to changes
  • [TAP5-1748] - Alerts component should render informal parameters
  • [TAP5-1756] - Let the asset path prefix be configurable
  • [TAP5-1775] - Improve javascript performance while creating zone events
  • [TAP5-1781] - Improve javascript load time of pages improving onDomLoadedCallback
  • [TAP5-1801] - Component fields should not need to be private, merely non-public
  • [TAP5-1805] - Selectable Tree component look and feel is lacking in user affordances
  • [TAP5-1808] - Change Form to (by default) immediately render markup when there are validation errors, to avoid creating the session
  • [TAP5-1816] - Add CSS rule for DIV.t-exception-container to default.css that sets a very high z-index
  • [TAP5-1824] - New translations for Norwegian Bokmål
  • [TAP5-1827] - KaptchaField should have a parameter to allow it to operate as a visible text field rather than a password field
  • [TAP5-1832] - Tapestry could do an even better job of filtering unnecessary stack frames from the exception report
  • [TAP5-1840] - Add method Request.isSessionInvalidated()
  • [TAP5-1847] - An extension component template (with a root t:extend element) should allow t:block elements to be nested
  • [TAP5-1849] - The text "Dismiss All" used in client-side Alerts is not localized or localizable
  • [TAP5-1878] - Default for parameter visible of component KaptchaField should change from false to true
  • [TAP5-1889] - Improve integration test execution speed
  • [TAP5-1905] - Not serializable: org.apache.tapestry5.tree.DefaultTreeExpansionModel - can't persist sessions across cluster
  • [TAP5-1914] - Alerts needs a parameter to show/hide "Dismiss all"
  • [TAP5-1940] - Typo in interface LocalizationSetter.setNonPeristentLocaleFromLocaleName()
  • [TAP5-1970] - JSON API improvements
  • [TAP5-1987] - ProgressiveDisplay update parameter as a symbol
  • [TAP5-1990] - Link interface should be more fluid to allow setting of anchor, etc., more concisely
  • [TAP5-1993] - Support returning an URL for an ajax request
  • [TAP5-1996] - Add Severity.SUCCESS enum for alerts
  • [TAP5-2013] - "Parameters" table often too wide in component javadocs
  • [TAP5-2022] - Add PropertyAccess.getAnnotation
  • [TAP5-2035] - Make it easier to choose another slf4j backend
  • [TAP5-2039] - Element.attribute() should treat "class" specially, appending the new value to the old
  • [TAP5-2046] - Should use OperationTracker to track type of request (ajax component event, traditional component event, page render request)
  • [TAP5-2050] - Grid sort icons should be added via CSS instead of rendering an embedded img element
  • [TAP5-2051] - Fix Plastic objects memory leaks
  • [TAP5-2058] - Support X-Forwarded-Proto to identify a Request secured (https)
  • [TAP5-2063] - Add support for multivalued parameters in Link
  • [TAP5-2102] - Allow supplying EntityManager properties via TapestryPersistenceUnitInfo
  • [TAP5-2131] - Update Javadoc CSS to reflect changes in the html generate by JDK7

New Feature

  • [TAP5-999] - Implement an agnostic tapestry.js layer + adapters to allow developers to switch from prototype to jquery
  • [TAP5-1168] - Add @Operation annotation that can be used to automatically track a component or service method invocation using the OperationTracker
  • [TAP5-1794] - Allow for configuring Selenium-based integration tests using an annotation
  • [TAP5-1807] - In development mode, Tapestry should include a <meta> tag to identify the active page
  • [TAP5-1809] - Option to render a particular page instance in its current state (without page activation)
  • [TAP5-1833] - Merge functionality of Tynamo.org's tapestry-exceptionpage module with the built-in ExceptionHandler
  • [TAP5-1843] - Allow all of the properties of the Messages services to be accessed
  • [TAP5-1857] - Add a SubmitMode (for Submit and LinkSubmit components) for unconditionally submitting the form
  • [TAP5-1944] - Add basic integration between Tapestry and Clojure
  • [TAP5-2055] - Polish translations
  • [TAP5-2065] - Introduce support for MongoDB access as a service
  • [TAP5-2094] - E-Tags support


  • [TAP5-1518] - Remove ClassFactory / ClassFab / Javassist Dependency
  • [TAP5-1780] - Upgrade Selenium dependency to 2.14.0
  • [TAP5-1790] - Update Tapestry build to create a binary release archive (in addition to a source and javadoc archive)
  • [TAP5-1792] - Upgrade Tapestry/Spring integration to Spring 3.1.0.RELEASE
  • [TAP5-1810] - Remove deprecated "suppress redirects from action" code
  • [TAP5-1826] - Setup the Sonar plugin to let analysis.apache.org analyze the source base
  • [TAP5-1852] - Upgrade Plastic to use ASM 4.0
  • [TAP5-1909] - Update Underscore JavaScript library to latest version 1.3.3
  • [TAP5-1922] - Upgrade Hibernate dependency to latest, Hibernate 4.1.2.Final
  • [TAP5-1965] - Replace use of Request.getContextPath() with a symbol defined at application startup
  • [TAP5-1989] - Upgrade bundled Prototype to version 1.7.1

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